To be eligible for a prize, the data visualization projects:

  • A majority of your work must be developed on premise at hack/reduce.
  • Must incorporate some or all of the core data sets required (as listed in GitHub and EventBrite).
  • Must be open sourced following the event. 
  • Must not include proprietary code that would limit use by members of the Department of Transportation.
  • Any additional data sets used during the Hackathon must also be publicly available. If you have ideas for other public data sets that could be interesting for this event, please email so they can be provided to the other participants as well.

Additionally, each participant must agree to the terms and conditions of the hackathon (a signature will be required on-site).

Standardized Agreement for Hackathons without Proprietary Data

hack/reduce, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization seeking designation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our not-for-profit mission is clear. We ask you to support us in fulfilling it—to educate the Boston community at large about Big Data while improving Boston’s reputation as a hub for Big Data, and to foster the growth and development of the technologies and skills required to analyze Big Data among the participants in our lectures, master classes, and hackathons.

To make our educational mission possible and as a condition of participating in this hackathon (the “Hackathon”), our hackers’ ideas must be shared with the public. Accordingly, we require our hackers to open source the code they create in our hackathons. By participating in the Hackathon and signing the agreement onsite, you hereby agree to apply any one of the Open Source Initiative licenses listed at to any software you generate during the Hackathon.

Distribution of software generated during the Hackathon to the public at no cost is most consistent with the not-for-profit principles underlying our educational mission.    In addition, by signing the agreement, you hereby affirm that (i) you are someone who is the age of majority in this jurisdiction and are competent to enter into an agreement such as this, and (ii) your participation in the Hackathon is voluntary and you have no expectations and waive any claim to any compensation or remuneration from the donors of the data set used in the Hackathon.